To be inspired is an ‘Experience’ however to inspire is ‘Intelligence’! A great design work expresses perfection and goes for simplicity and minimalism. To experience the pinnacle of luxury, a masterpiece of sensational indulgence is always what defines quality and innovation. The MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ BATHTUB from CASA MILANO stands out for its unconventional design and facade. Here is how it’s a WOW!

Discover the right style!

A luxury lifestyle is when you can relax in the most luxurious and glamorous way. The impressive unique white and gold tear appearance makes it appealing to the people inspiring them to get the centerpiece of their bathroom. The MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ BATHTUB  is inspired by the ancient style karst formations and uses that with its geometric structure used for lavish baths bringing the best of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Create a bath space as unique as you!

The MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ BATHTUB from CASA MILANO has more for you to embrace everyday. Designed on modern lines, the graceful look brings wonders to your bathing. This perfect-style golden glowing bathtub can fit two people easily and fill up to 320 litres of water. So, How are you planning on renovating your bath style and making your Wednesday wonderful, #Wow Wednesday?

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