Slide in your best shoes, it’s Friday! In today’s modern-day where everything is changing and being redefined, sometimes a step back into the classical times is always refreshing. A vast bathroom is not everything that we need. Personal bath space to spice up with the classics is something even more innovative and fascinating. Bathroom vanities have come a long way with ever-changing aesthetics and designs. However, some designs never get old! with time they become even more valued and have an everlasting glow.

DEVON & DEVON SEASON traditional vanity from CASA MILANO compliment the bathroom standards and go for its unique sophistication. A stunning bathroom with beautiful fixtures and fittings is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your weekends. Here is how!

 Enter to a vault of tradition

A sturdy, strong and boldly designed vanity is the base of any great bath space. The DEVON & DEVON SEASON vanity from CASA MILANO is a timeless piece of perfection and inspiration. The talk of the century, simple wide cabinets with attached solid mirrors and elegant lamps on either side. Such simplistic yet unique design can only be achieved through elegance combined with luxury.

A classic addition like Devon & Devon SEASON vanity from CASA MILANO single-handedly can transform the bathroom from an ordinary to an extraordinary space.

Old is gold!

 There is a sense of awe when you lay your eyes on a masterpiece and a vanity like this is a one-of-a-kind work of wonder. The craftsmanship that goes into recreating a traditional vanity so perfectly and flawlessly is just dazzling. Add a touch of undying luxury design with the Devon & Devon SEASON VANITY and make every Friday a show stopper with the pinnacle of luxuries.


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