Being quarantined at home has made us appreciate the little things in life. Walking around nature, feeling different textures, and even finding some aesthetic backgrounds for the gram!   Renovate your home with M.R walls today and bring those experiences home!

What is M.R Walls?                                                                                                                     

Designed and made in California by designer Mario Romano along with Corian, M.R Walls offers an exclusive line of multi-dimensional walls carved and textured. Simple to set up but lavish to the home. Soft on the eye but makes a loud statement.

Why M.R Walls?

We live within the same four plain walls, some colored but mostly beige. Fulfill your inner designer’s wishes by upgrading to M.R Walls! From soothing waves with beachy feel too modern innovative themes. From lighting up an office space to building aesthetic inspiration in your room. Get it all with M.R Walls!

M.R Walls is also unique because of the properties of Corian. It is seamlessly assembled on-site in panels where each panel is carved and labeled and delivered. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are sealed from mold, virus, and bacteria. They are completely waterproof and offer a finished solution in one step.

How do I get mine!

Casa Milano is proud to be the only showroom featuring exclusive M.R Walls in the U.A.E. They can be endlessly customized and created as per your demand. Come visit our showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road and check out the unique textured walls today!


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