Gianni Versace, Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace

Even though about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, some studies predict that we may run out by 2050. Ever tried to imagine life without it? It’s time we stop taking this over-pressured resource for granted and explore ways we can overcome the acute water crisis our world faces today. World Water Day brings us the perfect opportunity.

Also, while many of us casually allow this precious resource to flow out of our taps while we brush our teeth every morning, around 748 million people around the world still do no access to clean water. That is roughly 1 in 10 people on Earth, or, more than twice the population of the United States. Diseases caused primarily by unsafe water and poor sanitation, kill more children under 5 years old than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined.

While this may be our current reality, a wave of positive change is being seen with more businesses and individuals committing to ethical usage and water sustainability.

Ultimately, it comes down to both shared and individual responsibility, and Casa Milano is an example. They are exemplary not only because of their timeless creations, but because environmental preservation has been at the heart of their operations since the company was founded. Their adoption of innovative best practices for both water and natural heritage conservation is commendable.

Be it to quench our thirst or protect the health, to create jobs or support economic growth; water is vital to every life function. We can no longer afford to undermine the water crisis and must invest in robust adaptation measures for water sustainability. Imagine what we will be able to achieve together when we collaborate and use our shared passion to make a positive impact. What are we waiting for?

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