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People say every Friday holds new magic and magic felt in the morning of every Friday is truly the most powerful of them all. A powerful bath providing eternal comfort and complete peace of mind is what most people desire. Getting a unique bathroom identity is something that will honor you and your personal time. A classic-style bathtub brings excellence with every bubble of purity. A bathroom is a place that unwinds your true spirit while uplifting it with the exhilarating pleasures of serenity. But should that be only with modern style masterpieces? Not anymore!

Tune your obsession into inspiration!

Bringing state-of-the-art elegance, classic designs are now at the forefront of the sanitary world. Casa Milano Italy offers the combination of classic design elements with innovative technology and modern spatial planning. Traditional or classic style bathrooms create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while making people enjoy their bathing. The softer edges of the tub make them more unique and these bathtubs do not just excite with their appearances but their work too. AMBRA BATHTUB from DEVON & DEVON is one such tub that suits your bathroom needs perfectly. The characteristics of this bathtub with antique copper foil are classy for your next splash bath.

Get hooked to the royal classics!

The cornerstone of any perfect bathroom style remains the bathtub. And awesomely defining the atmosphere with varied aspects like lighting and style, a classic tub with stunning features and shapes has a lot more to share with you in terms of happiness. Who wouldn’t enjoy a bath in a classy royal bathtub? The softer pastel and wooden finished shades along with the royal features fit seamlessly into any bathroom. Similar is the story of ROYAL GOLDEN BATHTUB from Casa Milano. This is one of a kind bathtub that is royal in name as well as in looks. The sheer black finish of the tub is nothing but a real icebreaker for the entire day. Speaking luxury with every angle the tub goes for its sophistication and class.

Discover the right style for you!

If you truly want your bathroom to feel like a spa then you need to create your own wellness room. And nothing beats the feeling of a gorgeous modern-style masterpiece placed in front of the shower area.  Making space a definite showstopper  DIVINA DUAL BATHTUB from Casa Milano brings the best magical feeling into the bathroom. The bathtub is equipped with the Novellini patented Natural Air with micro water bubbles. And the waterfall feature with the water jet effect creates a whirlpool adventure of change.


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