Smile a little, It’s Friday! Bringing a magical feeling to your day, a bathtub is just right for you to have a great personal time. Imagine what could be more magical than spending your weekend away with the most luxurious water jet? NOVELLINI DIVINA DUAL BATHTUB from CASA MILANO is a bathtub with a luxurious waterfall feature and is a product inspired by a neo-romantic style that draws immediate attention to itself before you even know it.



Nature Inspired Bathstyle

The biggest secret to the greatest innovation is an inspiration. An elegant whirlpool bathtub can get you acquainted with the most luxurious style of bathing. Redefining elegance and sophistication, the clean lines of the rectangle-shaped SENSE DUAL SPA BATHTUB emanates a sense of calm, comfort and serenity. Turn your bathroom space into a spa! With the hydro-plus option, you can perfectly create the powerful bubbling effect giving you an ultimate comfortable relaxing time.


A Calm Retreat!

What colors come to your mind when you hear the word “Calm”? Perhaps the hues of blues. NOVELLINI BATHTUBS comes in colors with all the hues of blues and whites. The SENSE DUAL SPA BATHTUB from NOVELLINI is a perfect place to indulge in the fresh scents and calming wonders of nature.

Pick a NOVELLINI BATHTUB and make your Friday fabulous!











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