Finally, it’s Friday again!

Hearing this a slight relief comes to everyone who is waiting to realize that weekend has finally arrived. A beautiful and refreshing bathroom is the focal point of every abode. Updating the bathroom, one can create a perfect space of comfort for a comfortable Friday. But will a bathroom renovation add value to your home? Yes! From sumptuous bath to admirable design, a counter bowl basin brings a powerful sensational touch to your bathroom making it the best addition in your bath space.

 Simplified style, Minimalist Mood

A great smile with a bright bathroom refreshment is all you need to keep your entire day up and running. Countertop basins are the most practical yet classy add-on to your bathroom. Giving a unique style to any bathroom, these are the best partners making a difference all year round. Clean, linear design sets the stage for your personal fulfillment each day.

Experience the Cacophony of Luxury

Bring up the elegance to your personal luxe space with KERASAN CENTO from Casa Milano Italy. Creating a beautiful sight, the KERASAN Counter bowl basin provides one of a kind aesthetic merge and a perfect symmetry. Blending well with the decor and providing little pop of modernism and novelty this should be the first thing on your checklist. The ergonomic design and the smooth finishes from the famous KERASAN CENTO MOLOCO WASH BASIN is all you need to make your room incredible and your Friday feels fabulous. Creating the spacious oasis, you have ever dreamt of, MOLOCO freestanding washbasin just lights up your entire room with a striking style of perfection.

Heavenly Touches of Glass & Gold

From ideas to ingenuity these created masterpieces of crystal-turned perfection from GLASS DESIGN ITALY is the secret to having the chic flair and sophistication. Sharing the true meaning of what is known as the “Epitome of Luxury” the GLASS DESIGN RAMADA WASHBASIN from Casa Milano Italy can’t be ignored from your space. With the perfect base of ring material, the delicate crystals take on multiple avatars creating a timeless elegance.

Select your favorite fab Friday find and come fall in love at first glance with Casa Milano!







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