Take a glance at what’s fabulous, it’s Friday! Getting a little comfort is not too much for a start to your great weekend. In the past few years, the bathroom has transformed from a place as an extreme necessity to be the aesthetic corner of any home. And washbasins are the perfect friends for any bathroom. While entering the washroom, a washbasin is that one thing that strikes the eyes of everyone. GLASS DESIGN ITALY VILLA WASHBASIN from CASA MILANO provides a much similar luxurious vibe even before you know it.

Add a shimmer to your Bath Space!

Contemporary at first glance but when you look again VILLA WASHBASIN is the epitome of all things luxurious. Delicate crystals take on multiple avatars adding on to some really cool shimmer. What makes it different from the traditional washbasin is the freestanding look it offers with the most evolved designs. The perfect seamlessness between the basin and the unit creates a minimalistic look making it the most wanted product for your next washroom renovation.

The Gold Formula- Simple Yet Classy!

 Another classy add-on to any bathroom renovation is the GLASS DESIGN ITALY RAMADA WASHBASIN from CASA MILANO. The product comes with a ring material and perfect touch of gold being the true masterpieces of crystal turned perfection. The stylish modern shiny polished chrome finish has everything to offer making you go awestruck. The product being the most luxurious is perfectly the one which can’t be avoided from your list of classy renovation products.

No matter what style of the bathroom, a washbasin can enhance both look and function of the bath space adding a new feature to the overall ambiance. What’s your favorite find this Friday?






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